Ideacolor. Best Chromatic products for you.

Simply create a chromatic surface as painting.


Amongst all systems in the world for producing chromic surface the Fantachrome system in the cheapest and fastest system .The spraying appliance of Fantachrome with a two part gun is considered a professional device which is portable and dosen’t need much space.

Super Chrome

It’s a coverage which is applicable with standard gun and gives 80 to 90 %shine of chrome. In different weather conditions against sunlight , wind , rain , etc , it is highly resistant and can stand heat up to 180, it looks like steel.

Fanta Chrome

The newest solution for replacing chrome plating and traditional chromic plates with Fanta chrome is the new covering system which gives us a mirror like chromic surface, applicable on all surfaces apparently it’s like traditional chrome plating which was a chemical process on the surface of an item.